You may have noticed that, though we announced the Modao Battalion as a 4-Star Seasonal Unit coming soon to Season VIII: Dynasty, we recently changed it to a 5-Star unit. After a series of tests, we realised that its power far surpasses that of a 4-star unit, and so instead of making larger changes later in the season, we decided to upgrade it ahead of its release. 

The Modao Battalion will not become more difficult to unlock as a result and will have the same unlock criteria we envisioned for it in its previous 4-Star form. The unit will also require less leadership compared to other 5-Star units. We view this as a trial that will also serve as a point of reference for how we decide to implement changes in the future. We will be exploring a variety of changes, including leadership, complexity, power, skills, and more, for units in the future, so feel free to share with us any feedback you may have on the topic!

We also aim to create a more diverse gameplay experience in general, where players are encouraged to command a greater variety of units. To this end, we will be lowering the completion requirements of all Seasonal Unit quests by two for each phase. This means that you will need to complete six quests per phase for 3-Star units (down from eight), eight for 4-Star units (down from 10), and 10 for 5-Star units (down from 12). This should allow you to unlock units from previous seasons faster, and give you a greater choice of units to use in Season VIII: Dynasty and beyond.

We will continue to finetune units and the different gameplay experiences they bring to the table, and will improve upon them in any way we can. We hope you look forward to recruiting the Modao Battalion later on in Season VIII: Dynasty!