The legend of Conqueror’s Blade is vast and far-reaching, with the roots of its lore growing to the furthest corners of the Borderlands, Anadolou, and Ostaria like the myriad roots of Yggdrasil. Inspiration was found in real-world ancient and medieval history and, with some artistic licence taken along the way, Booming Tech and MY.GAMES have crafted a unique, immersive world to battle in from season to season.

If you’re new to the game or just want a refresher, here’s a recap of the last seven seasons of Conqueror’s Blade to celebrate Year Two and prepare you for future adventures!

Season I: Seize the Crown

Kicking off proceedings with a chivalric theme, Season I invited players to forge their legend in a land where soldiers could rise from nothing to be crowned kings, only to lose everything in an instant to a new power; a bloody cycle fated to continue forevermore. The symphony of war called out and invited new challengers to fight for control of this land and eternal glory, a simple premise that set the stage for a bright future. 

Season II: Wrath of the Nomads

Conquerors came from afar in Season I, and despite laying claim to regal glory, they soon found themselves at odds with the Sons of the Steppes in Season II. Natives to this heart-shaped land who have long endured in the face of insurmountable conditions, these warriors from the great rolling steppes of the north live off the land and often keep to themselves. However, they have been known to lend their combat skills to allies, and in doing so, decided the fates of empires throughout their storied history. Players who withstood the wrath of the nomads could earn cosmetics based on their sacred wolves, and even recruit six Sons of the Steppes units to their campaign.

Season III: Soldiers of Fortune

The rise of the nomads saw occupied lands reclaimed, ill-gotten treasures seized, and once-proud noblemen driven into exile. Escaping with what little gold they could carry, the disgraced lords travelled south to the Mediterranean-esque land of Sicania, where they recruited an infamous band of sellswords to exact revenge and reclaim their glory. With gold-lined pockets and notorious reputations preceding them, these soldiers of fortune wrought havoc with deadly crossbowmen, fearless swordsmen, cutting-edge artillery, and cavalry killers fighting in the name of a legendary mercenary. They even brought the Maul, a new Weapon Class whose hammer of reckoning fell upon the land as if it were an anvil.

Season IV: Blood of the Empire

As noblemen, nomads and sellswords fought tooth and nail for dominion of this coveted land, a new shadow was cast. The ascendant Anadolou Empire, inspired by the mighty Ottoman Empire, marched north under the banner of Sultan Fatih Suleyman IV, a keen tactician who named himself heir to the Conqueror's City and all the lands surrounding it. Compared to the brute force of previous conquering factions, the Anadolou Empire valued patience, discipline, and more strategic measures to attain victory. As the Sultan's father once told him, to exploit a fatal flaw in the enemy's very foundations—a crack in their armour, a moment of indecision, a door left unlocked—is to utterly obliterate them. The old world would yield, or it would bleed! Four new units from the Turkey-inspired land of Anadolou joined the battle throughout this epic Seasonal Campaign.

Season V: Legacy of Fire

Season V provided warlords with a link to the past, with the story starting over 100 years ago with a king’s reckless rise to power over the Kingdom of Empyros. The young king mustered an army of knights from across the land called the Symmachean Brotherhood, assembled the kingdom's greatest minds to create weapons of fire and destruction (wielded by two new seasonal units), and travelled to the Anadolou region in search of treasure. A power struggle between the knights reduced the once luscious, green land to ash, and a fire was stoked in the hearts of the citizens of Anadolou that would burn fiercely for years to come. This fateful attack would eventually lead to the Sultan’s successful conquest in Season IV: Blood of the Empire!

Season VI: Scourge of Winter

The worst winter in living memory held the North in an icy grip, and a horde of villains known as the Desecrators conquered Ostaria. Acting on the orders of the Scourge of Winter, a mysterious and terrifying figure said to plague the land in legends of old, they sowed terror across the North, driving survivors of their brutal assault south to Ungverija. Here, thanes, freemen, knights and kings alike joined forces in a desperate alliance to deliver Ostaria from evil, defeat the Scourge of Winter, and drive back the Desecrators by winter's end. Season VI was notable for a mid-season boss battle, where players could personally lock blades with the Scourge of Winter and his dark lieutenants!

Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok

The war for the North was won and winter’s grip was beginning to thaw. However, amidst the din of blades in bloody battles, something sinister took residence in the forest east of Vajk’s Lake in Ungverija. Strange lights danced in the pines, lupine howls scarred the midnight air, and a rising tally of souls was lost to the shadows of the glade. It was here that the Sons of Fenrir, demented worshippers of an ancient wolf-god, were unleashed. They amassed an army and ravaged the land in the delicate wake of the war against the Scourge of Winter, seeking to enthrone their leader as king by any means necessary. As fear began to take hold, a band of warrior Northmen arrived in Ungverija on the trail of their traitorous kin. Armed with axe, shield, and the thunderous fury of the Allfather, they set out to save the land from destruction...

Stay tuned to see the world of Conqueror’s Blade continue to grow and evolve in the coming weeks!