Top 5 reasons to get excited about a new season


Conqueror’s Blade has come a long way in the two years since it was launched, thanks to seven major content releases that have added new features and other content to the game. These releases have coincided with the start of new Seasons, of which the seventh, Wolves of Ragnarok, we recently concluded. To prepare for what comes next, here’s a little reminder of what makes each Season special.

Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles are a relatively new addition to seasonal gameplay, making their grand appearance during Season IV last year. Ranked Battles have proven to be a popular diversion, allowing players to compare themselves easily to their peers simply by taking part in matchmaking battles. Notably, aside from some of the rewards and a few map changes, Ranked Battles change very little from season to season, which is a consistency that makes them to players seeking engaging endgame content.

New Lore

Every season has been themed to a degree, whether it was the teutonic overtones of Season I: Seize the Crown or the overtly Norse-inspired Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok. What has deepened those themes has been the creation of a mythology and lore to complement each release. This became more noticeable with the release of Season III: Soldiers of Fortune, which introduced the forces of Sicania. Each season thereafter has unleashed a new faction upon the world, binding each release into a cohesive whole.

Battle Pass

It’s not so much the pass itself, but the rewards that it offers that mark out one season’s Battle Pass from another. The exclusive themed attires, the new emotes, the classic weapon skins, plus all the consumable and other in-game items that serve; all serve to make the season-long journey to secure Nobility a worthwhile undertaking, whether you stick with the Free Pass or upgrade to the full Battle Pass later on. That you can now save the Blades you earn to spend in later seasons is the proverbial cherry on top.

New Units

Some of the game’s most iconic (and certainly its most experimental) units have been introduced and unlocked through seasonal gameplay. From the the high-tech mercenaries of Season III that gave us the Falconetti Gunners, to the flame-obsessed units of Season V: Legacy of Fire, each period of Conqueror’s Blade history has delivered a variety of units that never fails to change the way warlords think about their armies. If you’re curious about what the best seasonal units are, we have you covered


They say war never changes, but if you look back though the history of conquest in Conqueror’s Blade, the Season II and III campaigns could not be more different from those that marked out Season VI and VII. Where the first season-long wars for territory were a land grab that pulled everyone towards the centre of the map, now they are diverse and distinct campaigns that move around, with new challenges that don’t just reward the winners, but everyone that takes part. It’s this increasing inclusiveness, combined with the ever expanding scale of the battles - with new units and maps - that mark out a new seasonal campaign as the ultimate highlight. Long may the campaign reign!