On June 12 the final Territory War event of the Season VII Campaign will be fought, bringing to an end a brutal conflict that has raged for almost three months.

What started among the hinterlands of Ostaria and Anadolou has engulfed both regions and spread into neighbouring Ungverija, with ongoing sieges of all three regional capitals soon to be concluded. This season, control of Turul Város will decide the season’s ultimate victor, the keys for which are yet to be claimed.

Will you be charging through the streets of Augolia, Reginopolis, or Turul Város this weekend? Or will you be a part of efforts to safeguard other territories to establish your legacy? Whatever the part you choose to play, however small, it’s not too late to write yourself into Season VII’s final chapter and claim a share of the rewards.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to leave your House, we advise against this until you receive your seasonal rewards following the end of a season.

See you on the battlefield!

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