Conqueror’s Got Talent: Winners


We received a strong line-up of entries for our Music Week contest last month, from sombre string-led instrumentals to berzerker rap tracks. So good were they all, in fact, that not a single composition received the dreaded “null points” from our panel of international judges!

1st: In joint first place was Guardazaparayos’ intoxicating ‘Jotunheim’, a track in which you can almost hear the Sons of Fenrir stalking the early morning mists to scout out the enemy positions. 

1st: Equally revered was ‘Bravoure des dieux’ by FreemanPC which opens with the storms of war echoing through distant mountains. We like to imagine a flotilla of longships making for the open sea, as they plan their next raid on the English coast.

2nd:  A little more contemporary, SpookyPL’s urban rap maintains a thoroughly medieval feel thanks to the use of some hurdy-gurdy type instrument droning away in amongst those phat beats.    

3rd: Separating second from third by a single point is Atronio’s ‘Vikings Battle’, which, despite featuring very little percussion, has a real urgency that builds toward a fitting crescendo. 

4th: Rafador’s entry is played beautifully on guitar, evocative of the kind of tune a soldier might play by the fireside before battle, as they contemplate the family and friends they left behind.  

5th: Avatar’s entry gains a chart position for its excellent production values. Had it been written specifically for the contest it would have placed higher, but it’s expertly crafted nonetheless.  

Well done to all the winners who will all be receiving enough Sovereigns to complete the Attire Challenges and attain the mystical Seidr Druid Hero Attire and Mount Set, as well as an extra bonus Skogrseidr Unit Attire!