It wouldn’t be much of a birthday party without a sale, so for our second annual celebration we’re hosting one of our biggest and best yet. Not only do we have a record reduction on some of our most limited edition bundles (which include the much sought after Minotaur Hero attire), we have discounted masses of cosmetic and consumable items by 40%, and created two new artillery bundles - one of which is free! You can also claim a free Year Two banner from MY.GAMES Market


The Minotaur Hero attire was introduced a year ago as part of our first birthday celebrations and was immediately a hit, in spite of its limited availability. Back once again in the in-game Store and MY.GAMES Market as part of the Labyrinth Guardian Bundle and Fate of Theseus Bundle, we’re happy to say that the iconic armour has been polished up and restocked, with 25% and 45% discount to the respective bundles!


As well as returning bundles, we have two new ones, the Year Two Anniversary Artillery Bundle and the free-to-claim Year Two Anniversary Gift. Both are available in-game and from MY.GAMES Market, with the Anniversary Gift limited to one per account.

Year Two Anniversary Artillery Bundle

Year Two Anniversary Gift - FREE

  • 3x Optimal Thunderstars (Firework Cannon)
  • 3x Well-Made Thunderstars (Firework Cannon)
  • 3x Well-Made Dancing Dragons (Firework Hwacha)
  • 5x Bombette


If you prefer to pick your sale items individually, the following have all been discounted by 40% in-game and via MY.GAMES Market. No Minotaur Hero attire among them, sadly, but you’ll find a whole host of classic hero and unit attires, banners, and weapon skins to choose from, as well as a selection of many must-have consumables. 

40% discount on Cosmetics

40% discount on Consumables

  • Honour Guard's Ceremonial Shortsword & Shield
  • Crescent Blood Moon Blade Glaive
  • Knight-Banneret's Heraldry Longsword & Shield
  • King's Justice Poleaxe
  • Snow Leopard Spear
  • Thousand Souls Nodachi
  • Brass Dragon Firelock Musket
  • Sanguine Scorpion Bow
  • Amethystine Shortbow
  • Fiery Wrath Dual Blades
  • Fort Lothar Banner
  • Radiant Sun Banner
  • Holy Mountain Banner
  • Chivalry Undivided Banner
  • Winged Hussars' Banner
  • Great Lion Banner
  • Twinned Trident Banner
  • Golden Sun Mercenary Unit Attire
  • Vadászok Unit Attire
  • Eagle Guard Unit Attire
  • Kiralyi Horse Attire
  • Chivalric Horse Attire
  • Draconic Horse Attire
  • Ducal Horse Attire
  • Rubicante Horse Attire
  • Order Horse Attire
  • Royal Dragon Hero Attire
  • Empyrean Order Hero Attire
  • Solar Order Hero Attire
  • Fleur-de-Lys Unit Attire
  • Aswaran Hero Attire 
  • Runic Knight Hero Attire 
  • Windblown Horse Attire 
  • Overlord Hero Attire 
  • Immortal Hero Attire 
  • Eastern Outrider Unit Attire
  • Sea Devils Unit Attire
  • Blue Swan hero attire
  • Cinnabar Dragon hero attire
  • Winter Knight hero attire
  • Diadochi Hero Attire
  • Silver Dragon Unit Attire
  • Horde Fighter Hero Attire
  • Siren's Sons Unit Attire
  • Vault Key
  • 10-Battle Hero XP Card
  • 10-Battle Unit XP Card
  • Expansion Permit
  • Unit Training Plan
  • Cross-region Migration Token
  • Martial Arts Manuscript
  • Personal History
  • Horse Trough
  • New Identity Document
  • Scribal Service
  • Personal Storage Expansion
  • Green Hair Dye (Permanent)
  • Golden Hair Dye (Permanent)
  • Pink Hair Dye (Permanent)
  • Blue Hair Dye (Permanent)
  • Red Hair Dye (Permanent)
  • Purple Hair Dye (Permanent)
  • Silver Hair Dye (Permanent)
  • Logistics Charter
  • House Renewal Charter


Last but not least, for the duration that the returning and new anniversary bundles will remain available and the above discounts applied, there will be a reduction on Premium Time of up to 30%. This will only apply to time acquired via MY.GAMES Market, however.

The Year Two Anniversary Sale is scheduled to end at 23:59 server time on June 23, when the aforementioned bundles will be removed from sale and the banners and discounts can no longer be claimed. 

As well as sales, we have anniversary challenges, events, contests and much more besides. Check out the main Year Two article to ensure you make the most of the ongoing celebrations.