A number of exciting new Norse-inspired attires have been created especially for our Year Two celebrations. The best part is that there's no need to buy them - they're available for free when you complete a gauntlet of in-game challenges! This includes the mystical Seidr Druid Hero Attire and Mount Set, Skogrseidr Unit Attire, plus a Banner, Emote, and Avatar!

You can check on your progress and claim your rewards from the in-game Activity page when you log in, or by pressing F5. Don’t take too long, as you need to complete any challenges before 23:59 server time on June 23 in order to be able to claim the rewards listed below.

  • Complete 5 challenge to receive 1x Unit Banner
  • Complete 10 challenge to receive "Praise Nature" Emote
  • Complete 15 challenge to receive Skogrseidr Unit Attire
  • Complete 20 challenge to receive Seidr Druid Mount Set
  • Complete 25 challenge to receive Seidr Druid Hero Attire
  • Complete 30 challenge to receive "Skog the Mystic" Avatar

We also have anniversary sales, events, contests and much more going on to celebrate the anniversary of Conqueror's Blade. Check out the main Year Two article to ensure you make the most of the ongoing celebrations.