Now that the weapon classes have been dutifully covered by our crack team of dedicated content creators, it’s time to bring Training Yard week to a close with a bumper crop of videos detailing all the tips and tricks you can employ to get an advantage on your opponent.


In this video Coffee Fuelled Gaming (aka GlynGG) takes a comprehensive look at attacking strategies and tactics, with a focus on what are the best weapons and units to combine for maximum effectiveness.

Haman is one of our Arabic content creators and this short video gives an overview of the basics of Conqueror’s Blade. He packs a lot into seven minutes. 

Serving the German-speaking community since Season IV, Lifehax Aoe dishes up an overview of all the weapons classes and how they compare, which is dutifully followed up in part 2.

This prolific Turkish content creator has contributed six videos to this series and ends the week with a general tips and tricks video. He deserves a very long rest!


Despite being recorded before Season VII, this exhaustive introduction to almost every aspect of the game is still worth a watch. You can follow it with MvPforMvP’s part 2 here.

This is the first guide that Pyanmage has produced and it looks at how well each weapon class lines up against the others. It’ll be of special interest if you like dueling, deathmatching, or just killing other players. 

ShadeOnline looks at skills, runes, and hero attributes without focusing on any single class. It’s a great introduction to the fundamentals ahead of picking a class to suit your gameplay style.

xPeReZ often goes beyond the game and into the realms of history and fantasy when creating videos, but for this guide he keeps it simple and very effective.


If videos aren’t your thing and you prefer to study at your own pace, there are a couple of sites (EN only) we’d like to draw your attention to.

The first, ConqHub, is an elegant, up-to-date and expanding site that features ready access to data on Units, Doctrine, Runes and many other in-game items.

More of a resource for in-depth guides is Conqueror’s Blade Hub, which also serves to track the success of Houses and Alliances battling to control CloudWing Valley - with hopes to track wars across all servers in the future. 


These videos came in a little too late to make it into previous posts, but it means they are as up to date as it's possible to get!

Shortbow guide by ELITE_LEGIONS

Bow guide by Indigenous Poncho

Musket guide by Professor Alucard

If you’ve enjoyed this collection of videos, let us know via the usual channels and we’ll be sure to do this again sometime. If you need to remind yourself of what’s been covered so far, check out Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the series.