As well as the regional capitals of Augolia and Reginoplis, Season VII’s Core Capital, Turul Város, will be conquerable from May 31 as the current campaign moves into its final and most crucial phase.

If you’ve been avoiding Territory Wars this season, you should be aware that even without much hope of taking the ultimate prize, you can earn yourself a number of rewards just for taking part! Join any territorial battle between now and the end of the season as part of an alliance or the Imperial restorationists and you will be rewarded with at least ten Chests of Bronze and a brace of Treatises!

To help you get in the mood for the final assault, we have added By Land and Sea into the Field Battle rotation. The map allows you to once again fight for the peninsula south of Anadolou’s capital that was such an integral part of the run-up to the conclusion of Season IV. 

Good luck, and we'll see you on the battlefield!