New Player Event: The Training Yard videos, pt3


After looking at Glaive and Spear classes in the first batch of Training Yard videos, and Maul, Musket, Poleaxe and Short Bow in the second, we complete the set by focusing on Dual Blades, Bow and Nodachi - widely considered to be the most difficult weapon classes to master.

In the fourth and final set of videos, we’ll have a round-up of various hints, tips and tricks


As well as where to invest Attribute points and which Skills to learn, this guide gives some insight into how you should position yourself and time your attacks to be effective with Dual Blades.


Agronome Gaming specialises in guiding beginners and he manages to pack a lot into this one for those players looking to pick up a Bow for the first time, with a look at the two most popular builds.

This Bow guide delves deep into the stats, so if you like to look at spreadsheets before you head into battle, Denetax has you covered.


TheOrderNChaos is an unabashed Nodachi fan and this authoritative video should suit anyone coming to the class for the first time, with a look at Attributes, Runes, and Skills - plus some big-sword action at the end.