New Player Event: The Training Yard videos, pt2


After focusing on Glaive and Spear in the first tranche of Training Yard videos, our elite band of content creators bring us the second. Looking specifically at the Maul, Musket, Poleaxe and Short Bow weapon classes, this collection is considered a little more advanced than the last - so please pay attention at the back!


Critical69 confidently proclaims his Maul guide to be the best around. It’s certainly one of the most exhaustive and he even goes into Rune selection and crafting.

While a third of the length of Critical69’s, this guide to the wielding a warhammer goes into the essentials of skill selection, combos and assigning Attribute points.


In this video, our host takes an exhaustive look down the sights of one of the game’s most misunderstood weapon classes, with Attribute, Skill and armour suggestions. 



If you’ve watched any of Evo Loz Gaming’s videos over the last couple of years you’ll know that the Poleaxe has been one of his favourite weapons. In this video he explains why.

IroncladLion is a relatively new recruit to the ranks of the Content Creator Program, but not to Conqueror’s Blade. His in-depth tutorial goes through some worthwhile skill combos and includes some enjoyable historical context .

A third video from one of our most prolific Turkish content creators goes into great detail on how best to assign Attributes and select the skills that will make you successful with a Poleaxe.


Critical69’s Short Bow guide starts off with a look at Attributes (or, rather, Attribute) and makes a compelling argument for using a very specific Short Bow build.