Keeping up with Conqueror’s Blade on social media


Keeping up with the latest news is a great way to stay ahead of what’s going on in and around Conqueror’s Blade, but it’s not the only way. You can also follow us across a host of social media channels, which, as well as linking to the latest news, each offer something extra that we think makes them worth subscribing to.


As well as being a hub for real-time chat, the Conqueror’s Blade Discord is where hints are shared and alliances are made. It’s also where we invite entries for many of our creative competitions. More importantly, if we have any breaking news, especially with regard to server status, you will find it posted within.


Updated daily, Twitter is where we post the latest news, but also where the Community Team lets its hair down a bit, by circulating all the best medieval-themed jolly japes and tricks we can find. Follow to be part of the fun. 


Yes, we post links to all our news stories on Facebook, which of course you can comment on without your words being as lost in the noise as they might be elsewhere. We also host a number of competitions throughout the year that are exclusive to Facebook, so it’s worth clicking that Like button!


The Community Team hosts a livestream every Thursday at 17:00 CEST, featuring news, guides, gameplay, and answers to your most pressing questions. Sometimes they even manage to convince a Producer to join them, so if you want more detail to go with the headlines, make sure to tune in!


If you’re a fan of our promotional trailers and recent forays into music, then consider subscribing to our YouTube channel, where you’ll have ready access to all our video output - right back to the very dawn of the closed beta. 


If you are of the opinion that a picture is worth a thousand words (or 280 characters), check out the evidence available on the Conqueror’s Blade Instagram feed. We regularly post exclusive and fun images here, so check it out and give us a Follow. 


As well as mirroring much of the news that appears on the main site, Steam hosts the closest thing there is to an official forum. We also appreciate all the positive comments and constructive reviews that are shared by our players. Keep ‘em coming!


Via our new profile page on the world’s biggest music streaming platform you can listen to in-game music as well as tracks that have been specially selected to suit whatever it is you’re doing in game. New playlists added regularly!