Take the Heroic Trial challenge until June 2


With the end of the Silver Trial event, it’s time to raise the bar with the start of the Heroic Trial! As before, the event restricts you to fielding units below a certain tier, which in this case means none from the Golden Era: no Shieldmaidens or Silhdars, Fire Lancers or Iron Reapers! Taking their place at the top of the tiers are the likes of the Azaps, Javelin Sargeants and Fortebraccio Pikemen - will you be able to adapt to the new balance of unit power?

Selectable from the Battle Select screen (press “J”) until June 2, the Heroic Trial event mode is limited to level 100 and above warlords and the following 14 maps.

Allenburg Siege

Augolia Siege

Border Fort Siege

Frontier Camp Siege

Harbour City Siege

Hidden City Siege

Kurak Castle Siege

Lesser Greenpeak Camp Siege

Riverlands Castle Assault

Sun City Siege

The Storehouse Siege

Valley Fortress Siege

Wall Fort Siege

White Elk Fort Siege