Dasuo Fort joins Siege Battle map rotation


Familiar to most as being the site for an early siege tutorial and later PvE battles, Dasuo Fort is no longer limited to entry-level PvE encounters and has joined the ranks of the Siege map rotation. As reported last week, this is part of ongoing efforts to renovate and reintroduce classic battle maps...

First impressions are that Dasuo Fort is a simple map. Attacking options are limited to a direct frontal assault to take the first capture point over the gatehouse. However, the second line of defence has capture points sited at both flanks, requiring less brute force but close coordination and timing. At the final capture point at the north of the settlement you can always be sure that desperate last stand will play out.

Let us know what you think of Dasuo Fort and what maps you’d like to see more of by joining in the conversation in our Discord channel. In the meantime, see you on the battlefield!