15% off key consumables until May 12


With it becoming a crucial period for those looking to increase their seasonal rankings through matchmaking and questing (and with Stage Four of Season VII’s Campaign peaking on the horizon), we are commencing a week-long sale period on select consumable items!

Until end-of-day server time on May 12, you can enjoy a 15% discount on the following items from both MY.GAMES Market and the in-game Store, allowing you to focus on the battles ahead rather than what’s missing from your backpack.

Vault Key

10-Battle Hero XP Card

10-Battle Unit XP Card

Expansion Permit

Unit Training Plan

Cross-region Migration Token

Martial Arts Manuscript

Personal History

Horse Trough

New Identity Document

Scribal Service

Personal Storage Expansion

Green Hair Dye (Permanent)

Golden Hair Dye (Permanent)

Pink Hair Dye (Permanent)

Blue Hair Dye (Permanent)

Red Hair Dye (Permanent)

Purple Hair Dye (Permanent)

Silver Hair Dye (Permanent)

Logistics Charter

House Renewal Charter