Valhalla is calling. The new Battle Saga Collector’s Pack is now available to buy from MY.GAMES and Steam! This special collection features Jomsdrengr Hero Attire, the garb of a Northlander mercenary dedicated to Odin and the pursuit of a glorious death in battle so that they may feast in his halls.

You can also power your play with a 90-day Premium Account, 80,000 Silver, and 15 Optimal siege weapons!

Battle Saga Collector’s Pack

Jomsdrengr Hero Attire

90-day Premium Account

80,000 Silver

5x Optimal Grapeshot Cannons

5x Optimal Hwacha Arrow Launchers

5x Optimal Culverins


IMPORTANT: Attire for Heroes, Mounts and Units is purely cosmetic and does not grant additional bonuses or advantages during gameplay. It just looks really, really cool.

The Battle Saga Collector’s Pack is available to buy now. Jomsdrengr Hero Attire is also available to buy separately in-game and from MY.GAMES Market. And if you’re in the market for more special attire, the Hussar Hero Collector’s Pack containing the glorious, winged Rotmistrz’s Hero Attire is only available from MY.GAMES Market until May 13 at 18:00 CEST. Don’t miss it!