Classic Collector's Packs reduced by more than 40%


Featuring classic attires, Premium time and a handy purse of Silver coins, the Desert Master and Dark Reaper Collector’s Packs have been among the most popular items available from the in-game Store and MY.GAMES Market since they were first introduced in 2019. However, while they’ve both been reduced in price from time to time, rarely has the discount been as high as 40%!

As you might expect, the Dark Reaper and Desert Master packs will only remain on sale for a limited time - until 23:59 server time on April 27 to be exact. Be sure you pick one or both before then to avoid any disappointment.

Desert Master Collector’s Pack: 42% discount

Desert Raider Hero Attire

30-day Premium Account

25,000 Silver

Dark Reaper Collector’s Pack: 41% discount

Reaper General Hero Attire

Kiralyi Horse Attire

90-day Premium Account

75,000 Silver

IMPORTANT: The above packs are bound to a single use per character. If you are looking to make a subsequent purchase in-game, it’s important that you DO NOT complete the transaction with the same character that already has already received an identical pack.