As we expand the Conqueror’s Blade community by adding full support for  Polish-speaking gamers, it’s a good time to remind everyone about the fine work being undertaken by those enrolled in the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program.

Established when barely anyone had marched beyond the walls of Augolia, the Content Creator Program has grown to become an international cadre of the most celebrated Conqueror’s Blade streamers, videomakers, artists, bloggers and other creative souls. Each creator is committed to providing the most authentic Conqueror’s Blade content. In return, we at MY.GAMES support the membership of the Content Creator Program by sharing revenue, granting access to development resources, and offering any assistance wherever we can, so that their and the wider Conqueror’s Blader community can grow together.

The full details about what the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program is can be found here. Essentially it offers a 25% revenue share in all sales of select packs via the MY.GAMES Market, as well as ongoing access to MY.GAMES staff for support to grow your channel through promotions and giveaways. In return, all that we ask is that you continue to support Conqueror’s Blade in the same way that you have been doing.

All you have to do to be considered for the MY.GAMES Content Creator Program is to apply. We have a FAQ that should answer some of your questions, or you can email us if there are any it doesn’t. Should you not meet all the requirements, don’t worry. We will be happy to support your efforts until you’re ready to take the next step!

We look forward to receiving your application and working with you to help make Conqueror’s Blade community content ever better!