Season VII: What’s new and improved in the Seasonal Store


It’s been a while since we’ve given an overview of what the Seasonal Store is and how it works, so with the launch of Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok we thought we’d remind you and bundle in a few updates at the same time.

As its name suggests, the Seasonal Store (accessible via pressing ‘F5’), is only active while a Season is in play. Unlike the regular in-game Store (press ‘C’), which only accepts paid-for Sovereigns as its exchange currency, the Seasonal Store only accepts the seasonal currency Blades.

Blades are earnt by increasing your Nobility ranking during the season. As you reach a new tier through completing quests and successfully taking part in matchmaking battles, you can claim various cosmetic and consumable items, among which are Blades. If you have an active Battle Pass, the rewards you can claim are greater - especially the number of Blades you can potentially unlock. For example, if you reach Nobility rank 10 on a Free Pass, you will among your rewards have amassed 90 Blades. With a Battle Pass, that amount is boosted to 190.

Items in the Seasonal Store are a familiar mix of consumables, from Treatises (for 60 Blades each) and Unit Medals (10 Blades), to Rare Schematic Selection boxes (50-80 Blades). Also available are a number of weapon skins and unit and hero attires. These cosmetic items are exclusive to the Seasonal Store and are either themed to the current season or are based on classic “Antique” attires from previous seasons. Antique attires are sometimes reduced and not always available from season to season, so be sure to check out the item descriptions by rolling the mouse over the icons in the store interface.


New Season VII-themed items

< Tyr's Warband Unit Attire, 2500 Blades


Sleipnir Mount Set, 3000 Blades >

< Crowfeeder’s Shortsword & Shield, 1500 Blades


Atgeir Glaive, 1500 Blades >

< Fenrir's Fang Longsword & Shield, 1500 Blades


Jarl's Poleaxe, 1500 Blades >

< Gungnir Spear, 1500 Blades


Tyrfing Nodachi, 1500 Blades >

< Gunnhilda's Musket, 1500 Blades


Jormungandr Longbow, 1500 Blades >

< Skathi's Shortbow, 1500 Blades


Hugin & Munin Daggers ,1500 Blades >

< Mjolnir's Heir Maul, 1500 Blades



Antique (Season III) items, discounted for Season VII

< Antique Forza Bruta Hero Attire, 3000 Blades


Antique Phoenix Aurora Hero Attire, 4000 Blades >

< Antique Cerulean Guard Unit Attire, 2000 Blades


Antique Knights of Sicania Unit Attire, 2500 Blades >



Antique (Season II) items available for Season VII

< Antique Ortoq Guard's Attire, 2500 Blades


Antique Shaman's Ceremonial Attire, 5000 Blades >

< Antique Snow Tigers Unit Attire, 2500 Blades


Antique Khanate Guard Unit Attire, 3000 Blades >


Antique items available for Season VII ONLY

< Antique Waning Eclipse Shortsword & Shield, 1500 Blades


Antique Summer's Reckoning Glaive, 1500 Blades >


< Antique Vespa’s Longsword & Shield, 1500 Blades


Antique Daybreak Brilliance Poleaxe, 1500 Blades >

< Antique Sanguine Sunrise Spear, 1500 Blades


Antique Luminous Dawn Nodachi, 1500 Blades >

< Antique Gunsmith's Dream Musket, 1500 Blades


Antique Diana's Sanctuary Bow, 1500 Blades >

< Antique Janus’ Judgement Shortbow, 1500 Blades


Antique Blood and Sky Daggers, 1500 Blades >

< Antique Vulcan’s Forge Maul, 1500 Blades


If nothing takes your fancy in the Seasonal Store for Season VII, you can save up your Blades and spend them during next season, as any unused currency is carried over and does not expire.

Note that Hero Tokens, rewards for previous seasons that did not carry forward from season to season, have been retired and are no longer valid.