Ragnarok is coming to Conqueror’s Blade, and the time is almost nigh to stop it with axe, shield, and the Allfather’s fury! You can now pre-purchase the Battle Pass to dive straight into a new saga when Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok lands on March 18, and also enjoy instant in-game rewards today.

The Battle Pass is your key to unlocking over 100 levels of exclusive rewards throughout Season VII. Fight and raise your Nobility Tier by earning Glory through the new Campaign and Seasonal Challenges. The Æsir’s chosen can ascend the ranks to earn legendary cosmetics, Emotes, currency to exchange for new weapon skins, and lots more!

Pre-purchase the Season VII Battle Pass today to receive the following instant rewards (only available before March 18):

  • Season VII Battle Pass: Active from March 18th with Thegn’s Hero Attire instantly unlocked!
  • 2 Skald's Sagas: Redeem them from March 18 to receive 5,000 Glory per item and boost your Battle Pass level.
  • 10 Unit Medals: Each Unit Medal grants 5,000 Unit XP to a selected unit.
  • 50,000 Bronze Coins
  • 1 Treatise: This allows the War Scholar to excavate ancient battlefields and collect Doctrines to give your units bonuses.
  • Fragmentary Letter: A special item featuring lore from Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok.

Play Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok from March 18 to unlock Odin’s Hero Attire, Tyr’s Warband Unit Attire, Sleipnir’s Mount Attire, and even more Battle Pass treasures worthy of the vaults of Asgard!