Season VII Feature Spotlight: Avatars and Frames!


Avatars are coming to Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok! What are Avatars, you ask? They are the new profile-style pictures that will represent you in any on-screen communication or feedback, in the same way that your 3D character represents you in the game world. Examples of where your Avatar will be displayed include battle notifications, match lineups and leaderboards, as well as your Character screen, where Avatars will be displayed next to your name and level.

Just like your 3D representation, your 2D self can be one of potentially hundreds of image combinations, based on your in-game exploits and activities. The more classes and units you level up, the more attires you acquire and the more ranks, levels and achievements you unlock, the more Avatars you can select from.

In addition to your main Avatar picture, you can also choose a frame to show it off so that you look your imperious best. Everyone can have a plain square frame, but only the most celebrated warlords can expect a frame that befits their achievements as champions and high-ranking officers.

There will be a special set of Avatars exclusive to Season VII, so be sure to keep a lookout for new profile pictures as not all of them will be available to claim forever! From time to time, we may even invite you to design new avatars that might one day be added to the game, so that others can use your art to represent themselves. In fact, watch this space!