Back in December, we invited players to submit their designs for a banner, one that might one day represent them in-game and cause others to rally to it. In response many of you rallied to the spirit of the competition, drawing your virtual pens and fashioning some impressive digital designs. We’ve now been through all the entries and decided on the best of them, the creator of each of them earning themselves a pre-order pack.

Fluttering from our tallest tower are the efforts of our winner, Marian Lüftenegger, and close runner-up Joonatan Huma - each of whom are in line for a top-of-the-range Conqueror’s Pack.

Marian Lüftenegger

#1 - Marian Lüftenegger

#2 - Joonatan Huma

Each soon to receive a Conqueror’s Blade Adventurer's Pack are our second tier winners - Przemek Kasztelaniec, Allen Ray Sales, Julien Denotte and Jonathan Dufour.

Last but by no means least we have the impressive efforts of those who each ride out with an Explorer’s Pack - Uroš Polanc, Hemdie Dew, Robert Hojaboom, Duck Flavor, Ethan Nijiyoku, and Mattias Aveling.

Well done to all of the above (see you in the CBT) and thank you to everyone that entered!

Submissions per Region