A crack team of content creators has challenged MY.GAMES to see whose conquering blade is the sharpest. The March 11 showdown, dubbed The Clash, promises to either be the most finely-poised battle in the history of human conflict, or the most lopsided if the conscientious objector who writes these news articles is conscripted into the fight.

Teams, times and the terms of surrender (aka prizes) will be posted nearer the day of the battle, which is planned to be a best-of-three Siege encounter. Before then there are two training sessions on February 11 and 18, both of which will be streamed live on our Twitch channel at 20:00 CET. We’ll also be hosting a community vote to decide which map the teams will be fighting over, so even if you can’t be part of the fight, you can judge the outcome before the day of reckoning arrives.

We will keep you updated with details as and when they come to light.