It won’t be long now until our pre-order pack and other choice customers will become the first to experience the fabled Conqueror’s Blade closed beta test, which sees the core combat of the recent Siege Tests massively upgraded to include a unique open world.

Because there are aspects of Conqueror’s Blade’s gameplay and technical infrastructure that need to be tested in isolation before they are finally brought together, the CBT will be divided into consecutive stages. On February 7 at 15:00 CET (06:00am PST), CBT Stage 1 will get underway and it’s planned to run 24/7. There might be an impromptu update required, but the servers should remain up until February 15. Then, on February 18 at 15:00 CET (06:00am PST), the House CBT Stage will commence, on which we’ll have more details nearer the time - stay tuned!

Now, this being a bigger gameplay and technical test than any we’ve run previously (namely that there’s an expansive campaign mode at the heart of it), we’re expecting some unforeseen issues. It’s important to combat them that, if possible, you communicate any bugs that you come across as fully as you can. We’d also welcome any feedback that you have. Indeed, we’ll be rewarding those that share their experiences with in-game gear via our new CBT page, so that together we can make Conqueror’s Blade the most fun it can possibly be.

As well in-game giveaways during the CBT itself, to celebrate this milestone phase of development we also have a new video that hints at the diverse ways you can challenge for supremacy in the days ahead. You can check it out below as you steel yourselves for what’s going to be a tense and exciting new period in Conqueror’s Blade history.

As ever, it’s not too late secure CBT access. It’s as simple as picking up one of our pre-order packs, which as well as immediate beta access, all include a wealth of in-game goodies and an early access head start. You can check out all the pre-order pack contents here.

See you on the battlefield bright and early!

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