After being successfully reintroduced as a Free Battle map, Hidden City has returned to the Siege rotation. Just bring up the Battle screen in-game (press ‘J’) to join the matchmaking queue. You can then check out the guide below while waiting to join the fray.


Hidden City



There is some logic to the idea that if you give somewhere an unattractive name, no one will want to go there. However, there will always be a determined minority, with resources equal to their curiosity, who will try to seek it out. Hence why Hidden City quickly became a popular destination for conquering warbands, rather than the quiet backwater town its citizens hoped it would remain. Unfortunately, by the time an effort was made to rechristen the settlement, it was too late and the name had stuck. Only the occasional sandstorm is able to obscure the city these days.


Scouting Report

Hidden City maintains a low profile that should be easy to defend. Its wide battlements can accommodate large numbers of troops, all with unobscured views of the featureless terrain beyond and the uncomplicated layout within. Once the outer wall is breached, both sides should be able to reinforce and counterattack almost at will, promising intense battles with quick and decisive outcomes.



General Tips

  • The main gate is relatively well defended for a Siege map, so be prepared to switch your attention to the flanks at a moment’s notice. Taking or holding point A is a key objective for both sides, so broadening the front line may be necessary for the attackers.
  • The straight streets are surprisingly good terrain for all unit types, including cavalry. Just because you need to be direct in your attacks, doesn’t mean the defenders will play to the same script. Just when you think a control point is about to become yours is when it’s most likely to slip from your grasp. Remain mobile!
  • The attack is going to be focused on progressing from point A to B and then to C in a fairly direct route. The inner terrain will help such an advance, but equally, it allows the defenders to direct lightning-fast counterattacks. Both sides will need to harass the enemy with mobile units to maintain or suppress the main flow of the attack.