Steel on flesh, blood on snow, swords and shields will splinter. Ere season’s end the brave shall know to fear the Scourge of Winter…

The Desecrators have scoured Ostaria with reckless abandon, taking land and lives at their leisure and stoking fear in what little hope yet flickers in the ruins. Though met with brave resistance from the armies of Turul Város, a decisive blow is needed to truly free the North from this tyrannical terror… It’s time to cut the head off the snake!

Ride out and face the Scourge of Winter, dark captain of the Desecrators, in a brand-new PvE boss fight launching February 8! Get a glimpse of this mode in a new traveller’s guide to the Royal Falcon Tavern, where rumours of the Scourge of Winter’s hiding place first originated:




Accessible via the Battle Interface (press ‘J’), The Scourge of Winter PvE boss fight can be challenged with a maximum of three heroes. The Desecrators also demand that you leave your units behind before throwing down the gauntlet. Tread carefully...

The Scourge of Winter waits in the belly of a gloomy vale. Armed with a poleaxe and fuelled by the hatred that burns behind his black armour, he’s larger and more powerful than any adversary you’ve faced before. That said, don’t expect him to fight fair! The battle is fraught with challenges and hazards, including cavalry mobs of Desecrators who will ride to their master’s aid throughout the fight.

The Blood Archon and Ice Archon, two of the Scourge of Winter’s cruellest and most cunning lieutenants, will also heed the call of battle. The triple threat of the Archons and their captain is not to be taken lightly — keep them away from the Scourge of Winter, and try to pick them off before their combined might gets the better of you. The fight will push you to your limits, but stay on your toes, keep your head up, and don’t miss your opportunity to strike down evil where it stands. The liberation of the North rests with you and your blade!

Take the fight to the Desecrators in Season VI: Scourge of Winter, available now in Conqueror’s Blade. Download the game for free from MY.GAMES Store and get the Battle Pass to unlock hundreds of limited-time rewards throughout Season VI.

Thanes and freemen, knights and kings, arise and face this gloom! Meet ice with fire, let freedom ring, and deliver us from doom.