Snowstorm is a new PvP mode that has just blown in as part of Season VI: Scourge of Winter. Accessible via the Battle Interface (press ‘J’), it’s set across terrain where only one control zone is capturable at a time. Your team needs to secure it before the focus switches to another part of the map, or maintain the highest progress towards its capture when the battle timer runs out.

Snowstorm encounters are intense with a fast turnaround. However, in order to claim victory over the other team, you need to win at least two out of three consecutive rounds.

One notable restriction that you can join a match alone or as part of a pair, but groups within each team can be no larger than two players.

To aid mobility, the map is populated with tamed horses (approach and press ‘F’ during the match), giving riders more speed and endurance over their regular mounts. Certainly, if you want to enjoy Stormstorm, you’ll need to be quick, as there’ll be a change of weather at 9:00 CET (00:00 PDT / 03:00 EST) on February 8 that will make Snowstorm unavailable.

See you on the Snowstorm battlefield (before February 8)!