What’s New in January 2021


Stay on top of the latest news and events in Conqueror’s Blade every month! Let’s take a look at what’s in store for January.


As a daring alliance of heroes pushes ever deeper into the frozen North, the Seasonal Campaign for Season VI: Scourge of Winter continues with Ample Opportunities, a new Stage available from January 4. Ranked Battles have also returned! Test your mettle against rival warlords, climb the leaderboards, and seek out amazing rewards and titles throughout Season VI.


Start 2021 right with big boosts to your XP and Glory, so you can prepare for the battles ahead and storm through the Season VI Battle Pass even faster! Also, don’t forget to grab your rewards from the in-game sign-in event running until March 14.

  • January 8-11: 15%+ Hero XP and Unit XP
  • January 15-18: 15%+ Glory


The Unit Challenges for Season VI’s third and final Unit Promotion, Liao’s Rangers, are available later this month. Promoted from the Fire Lancers, this unit was originally under the command of Major Liao. They followed their leader north of the Borderlands, but were driven westwards by the severe winter. They established themselves in Ostaria as a key threat to the Desecrators and found support in whichever snowbound village or farm could spare food, fire, and fodder.


Tune in to the official MY.GAMES and Conqueror’s Blade Twitch channel for special streams throughout January:

  • January 7: Start 2021 with a nice fireside chat with the Community Team. It’s an opportunity to ask our all-star Community Managers any game-related questions you can think of, and find out more about our plans for the year ahead.
  • January 14: Go toe-to-toe with Community Managers and Moderators to earn prizes!
  • January 21: Death to 2020… literally! Hunt down and kill a character named ‘2020’ during this stream to earn sweet prizes.


As if the threat of the Desecrators and the Scourge of Winter weren’t enough, Bob the Imperial is wreaking havoc across the known world! Join us later this month in a concerted effort to capture this dastardly villain so that he may answer for his crimes...

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IMPORTANT: The dates and content featured in this article may be subject to change. Please stay tuned to official Conqueror’s Blade channels for further news and announcements.