Seasonal Store: New for Season VI


With the start of Season VI: Scourge of Winter, the doors of the Seasonal Store are once again open and the shelves are fully stocked. To browse a variety of essential consumables and cosmetics, visit the Season Store tab by pressing ‘F5’ and redeem your Hero Tokens and Blades at the counter!

Hero Tokens are among the rewards you can earn from the Season VI Battle Pass (climb it by earning Glory from Weekly Challenges to attain Nobility).

There are some incredibly intricate weapon skins available with Season VI Hero Tokens, all of which perfectly compliment the new Desecrator’s Hero Attire and Archon Mount Set. Complete the look to consider yourself a true scourge of winter!

You can also exchange Hero Tokens for Blades, which can be used to acquire contemporary versions of classic cosmetic items in a separate part of the Seasonal Store.

Highlights there include the Antique range of Hero Attries and a chilling range of skins to adorn your weapon of choice.

IMPORTANT: Unlike Hero Tokens which must be exchanged before the season ends, Blades can now be saved up for future seasons. If you do find yourself with surplus Hero Tokens when Season VI comes to an end, you may want to exchange them for Blades to retain some of their value.