Stock up on Loaded Battle Supply Bundles!


Face new challenges with your reserves fully stocked and your war face on. Three new bundles are now available from MY.GAMES Market, and they’re loaded with everything you need to lead your forces to victory throughout Season VI: Scourge of Winter and beyond!

Leverage your smarts to fell your enemies with the Cunning Plan Bundle, find opportunity in chaos with the Gifted Strategist Bundle, and strike like thunder with the Master Tactician Bundle:

Cunning Plan Bundle

  • 7-day Premium Account
  • 5x 10-Battle Hero XP Cards
  • 5x 10-Battle Unit XP Cards
  • 5x Vault Keys
  • 5x Unit Training Plans

Gifted Strategist Bundle

  • 30-day Premium Account
  • 5x Martial Arts Manuscripts
  • 5x Expansion Permits

Master Tactician Bundle

  • 10x Vault Keys
  • 10x Martial Arts Manuscripts
  • 10x 10-Battle Hero XP Cards
  • 10x 10-Battle Unit XP Cards
  • 10x Expansion Permits

Get the new bundles from MY.GAMES Market before January 4, 2021!