If you want to maximise your time and claim the finest rewards that Season VI: Scourge of Winter has to offer, you might want to consider picking up the new Battle Pass!

Available now in-game and from MY.GAMES Market, the Season VI Battle Pass allows you to claim more than double the rewards compared to the Free Pass, with more consumables, and every new and exclusive Hero, Unit, and Mount Attire set!


  • New rewards every two tiers
  • Max Tier: 200


  • Includes all FREE PASS rewards
  • New rewards with EVERY Tier
  • Max Tier: 300

The Battle Pass is by no means mandatory. You can earn some great rewards with a Free Pass and enjoy a Glorious season, but for the discerning warlord, there’s no better way to take on the Scourge of Winter!

Free Pass Rewards


Battle Pass Rewards



Desecrator's Hero Attire

Fortune’s Favour

Rub Hands Emote


30x Hero Tokens

60x Hero Tokens


Magistrate’s Memoirs

1x Treatise


Campfire Emote

Mercenary Attire Chest


Scourge of Winter Banner

10x Unit Medals

120x Hero Tokens


Redeemers' Unit Attire

10x Unit Medals

Scourge of Winter Weapon Box


Archon Mount Attire

50x Hero Tokens

30x Hero Tokens


Epic Schematic Crat

10x Gold Dust

30x Hero Tokens


Archon Hero Attire

50x Hero Tokens

Seasonal Store

As well as items such as Bronze Chests and Battle Relics, from the Seasonal Store you can claim exclusive cosmetic items and amass a stack of Season VI Hero Tokens, which you can exchange right up until Season VI ends. Whatever your class, whatever your style, there should be something for everyone!

New for Season VI

  • From Season VI, Blades will not expire at the end of the season and can be saved for future exchanges.
  • Descriptions of some cosmetic items will include details on future availability and price.
  • Rather than via consumable items, Glory can now be bought in precise amounts (at a rate of 15 Sovereigns per 1000), in order to reach specific Nobility Tiers.

Desecrator's Hero Attire

Redeemers' Unit Attire

Archon Mount Attire

Archon Hero Attire