Shared Unit XP is coming in Season VI


One of a number of new features coming as part of Season VI: Scourge of Winter is Shared Unit XP. Put simply, it’s a way of pooling Unit XP so you can work towards levelling up units without necessarily having to field them.

How it works is very simple:

  • If you field a unit that is not fully levelled up, it will earn the standard amount of Unit XP, with an added bonus of 10% that is added to your Shared Unit XP.
  • If you field a maxed-out unit, rather than no XP at all, the amount it would have earned will be added to your Shared Unit XP.

You can check out your current tally of Shared Unit XP by bringing up the Barracks screen of the Unit interface (press ‘U’), where you will see the total in the top-left of the screen. You can then distribute Shared Unit XP to your units as you see fit, by clicking on the ‘+’ icon next to the unit’s experience bar.

To offset the advantage of Shared Unit XP (such as not having to field a low-level unit alongside all your elite troops), there is a limit to how much you can accumulate. This will start at 1,000,000, which is plenty to guide a new unit through the first few levels so it can hold its own on the battlefield.

We’ll be tracking the accumulation and use of Shared Unit XP over the course of Season VI to ensure it’s a feature that benefits everyone. As ever, we’d love to know what you think.