Starting a day later than announced but still ahead of the launch of Season VI: Scourge of Winter, the new Cloudwing Valley (West) and Eagle Range (East) servers will allow players in North America to enjoy smoother and more stable gameplay, especially during critical in-game events like Territory Wars.

Server transfers from Cloudwing Valley (West) to Eagle Range (East) will be completed in stages, but you'll be able to request a transfer as soon as your characters are moved to Cloudwing Valley (West) on December 17 - see below for more details.


We covered a lot of anticipated questions in the original announcement, and we’ve rounded up some more from North American players ahead of the upcoming server launches. If you have any more questions, be sure to reach out to our Community Team on Discord!


If a player on Cloudwing Valley (West) wants to transfer to the East server, what happens if there is already a character created on Eagle Range (East) with the same character name?

The migrated character will be renamed with a number suffix. For example, if Bob moves from Cloudwing Valley to Eagle Range but a character named Bob already exists on Eagle Range, the Bob moving from Cloudwing Valley would become Bob-1. All other character information will be migrated, and we will send an item to the player (in this case, Bob-1) allowing them to change their name.

However, if you apply to transfer to the Eagle Range (East) server, you will have name priority when characters are transferred during the first migration to Eagle Range (East) on December 21.

If a House migrates to Eagle Range (East), will they have to race against other people to ensure they keep their House name?

Other players can create a House on Eagle Range (East) before any migrations take place. When migrating House information, if there is a duplicate House name, it will be renamed and a numerical suffix will be added (for example, House would become House-1).

However, if you apply to transfer your House to the Eagle Range (East) server, you will have House name priority when your character and House are transferred during the first migration to Eagle Range (East) on December 21.

Once the first migration to the Eagle Range (East) server is complete, will currently inactive players be able to migrate their characters at a later date? Will there be a second transfer?

We will announce details of future migrations in the near future.

How long do players have to decide if they want to transfer over to the Eagle Range (East) server?

We have no plans to close this service, but we will give plenty of notice to any such changes in the future.

When should House leaders leave their Houses to initiate server transfer and how will the system know which House they previously belonged in?

Once migration is possible after the new servers open, the House Leader can transfer authority, leave the House, and then apply for a transfer. Regardless of whether the House Leader rejoins the house or not, the transfer operation will take the House information with it to the new server.

How will assigning a new Leader work when transferring to the Eagle Range (East) server? Can my House choose to kick me from the House before the server transfer is complete, and will I lose the ability for my House to transfer with me?

Only the House Leader will take the House information with them when transferring servers (after transferring ownership and leaving the House). The Leader’s House will then be created automatically on the new server, and the only member will be the House Leader. Other members, regardless of whether they are kicked out of the House or not, can not affect the House transfer, and will not automatically join the House on the new server.

Since Custom Emblems will be transferred to Eagle Range (East), if the House Leader moves to this new server, can purple Founder’s House Names and House Priority be transferred as well?

We previously announced that Founder’s names and House Priority would not be transferred between servers. We’re happy to announce that this issue has been resolved, and that purple Founder’s name and House Priority will be transferred together to the new server.

What will happen to resource piles and items on the Market and Resource Market after the new servers launch?

You should complete all transactions, collect items from resource piles, and delist any items from the Market with plenty of time before the new servers launch. Listings, items, and resource piles will not be migrated to the new servers, and will be lost if action is not taken.

If you are concerned about items lost in the Market during this time, please contact our Support Team.

If a House Leader leaves their House but takes a while to apply for a server transfer, will the game understand this? Is there a time limit for when the player should leave the House and apply for a transfer?

There is no time limit. Player data can be tracked from our logs from the beginning until the end of this process.

If I choose to move my House to Eagle Range (East), will all the House members automatically join the House?

No, they will need to rejoin the House manually.

Are the Season III to V Leaderboards going to be reset, or will they be shown as currently are on both servers?

Leaderboards from Asterion (NA1) will migrate to Cloudwing Valley (West).

Will all items in my storage and bag be transferred to the new servers?


Will we receive end of season rewards before the server migration?

End of season rewards have been sent on December 10, and are accessible via the in-game ‘Campaign’ menu. You should redeem your rewards as soon as possible. Permanent titles and Hegemon and Monarch Attire will be sent by December 25, and you will receive these in your in-game mail regardless of which server you’re on. You can read more about the end of the season here.

Will Alliance names and members be transferred when moving to Eagle Range (East)?

No. Alliance names and members should be organised by Houses who choose to move to Eagle Range (East).

We recently asked for your opinions on events on the new US servers. You can read the results here for more information on Territory Wars and events on the new servers!