We’ve recently been investigating ways to improve the Conqueror’s Blade experience for warlords over in North America, and we’re very happy to announce the launch of two brand-new, dedicated US servers on December 16!

The new Cloudwing Valley (West) and Eagle Range (East) servers will give players in North America the freedom to choose the best server based on their location (the West server is based in Sunnyvale, California, and the East server is based in Washington DC).

Players across North America will be able to enjoy smoother and more stable gameplay, especially during critical in-game events like Territory Wars. We expect to welcome even more warlords to both servers over the holiday season and beyond, so you can look forward to healthy competition and full battlefields when both servers are active!

The current American server, Asterion (NA), will be permanently closed following maintenance on December 16. All player accounts on this server will be migrated to Cloudwing Valley (West), where they can choose to either remain or move to Eagle Range (East).

IMPORTANT: Before you move to a different server, check in with your friends to make sure you can keep playing on the same server together. Communicate with your Houses and make preparations in advance!


How many North American servers will there be on December 16?

There will be two new servers. Cloudwing Valley (West) is the new NA West server, and Eagle Range (East) is the new NA East server.

Where are the servers physically located?

Cloudwing Valley (West) is in Sunnyvale, California and Eagle Range (East) is in Washington DC. We recommend you choose the server that’s closest to your home.

What will happen when the server migration occurs on December 16?

After a period of maintenance, Asterion (NA) will be permanently closed. All data from this server will be migrated to Cloudwing Valley (West), including all characters. Data bound to characters will remain unchanged.

If you choose to migrate your character to Eagle Range (East) data bound to characters will remain unchanged. This includes, but is not limited to: Attributes, Skills, Attire, Units, Inventory, Supply Dump, Personal Storage, and Premium Account. The following will not be migrated to the new server: Friend List, Block List, House, House Level, House Join Requests, and Alliances.

Can I move my House to the Eagle Range (East) server?

For a House to move servers, the House Leader must leave the House on its current server and then transfer their character to the new server (in this case, Eagle Range). House Experience, House Name, House announcements, House Declaration Board, and House Default Language will be then transferred to a House on the new server.

House Funds and House Founder’s Pack content will not be transferred to the new server.

Can I choose which new server to move to?

Yes! By default, all accounts from Asterion (NA) will be moved to Cloudwing Valley (West), but you will be presented with an on-screen choice to choose your new server when you first log in after the server migration. If you choose to move from Cloudwing Valley (West) to Eagle Range (East), we will perform maintenance in the near future to migrate your account to its new home - more details will be announced on December 16.

Make sure you have communicated with your friends, House, and House Leader prior to the migration so you are aware of which server your fellow players and House will choose.

If I choose a new server, will I be able to change my mind at a later date?

There is currently no way to choose another server after making your selection. We are planning to introduce functionality that allows you to transfer characters between servers, but this feature is still in development and does not yet have a release date.

Are you opening one new server while keeping the existing one?

No. Asterion (NA) will be permanently discontinued after the maintenance. Both servers are brand-new and based in new locations.

Are the NA servers running on new hardware?

Yes! We’re confident the new hardware and geographic locations will provide better service for players across North America. We will be closely monitoring server performance across the board and will keep making changes and adjustments as necessary to bring you the best experience possible.

Will both servers have cross-server matchmaking enabled?

Cross-server matchmaking will be enabled at launch with a priority for NA-based servers and players. After a specific timeframe (for instance, if you are unable to find a match), the game will start matchmaking with players on EU-based servers.

Can I have characters on both servers?

Yes, you can create characters on any server. However, you cannot use the same character on different servers. When choosing your server when you first log in after the launch of Cloudwing Valley and Eagle Range, make sure you absolutely want your character to remain on that server.

Can the same House name exist on both new servers?


What happens if my House leader chooses a server that I don't want to be on?

You do not have to follow your House leader, you can choose the server that best suits you. If you choose to move to Eagle Range (East) while your House remains on Cloudwing Valley (West), you will no longer be a part of that House. If your House leader chooses to move to Eagle Range (East), then the House Experience, House Name, House announcements, House Declaration Board, and House Default Language will be transferred along with the leader. A version of the House will remain on the Cloudwing Valley (West) server along with all members who choose not to move, and will be led by a new House leader designated by the previous House leader.

Will the Market still be available before the server migration?

The ability to list items on the Market will be disabled on Friday, December 11 at 12:00 CET for the Asterion (NA) server.