The Conqueror’s Blade community team will be conducting streaming maneuvers this week, continuing its collective effort to inform and entertain via the official Conqueror’s Blade Facebook page. From special guests to in-depth looks at various aspects of gameplay, there should be something for everyone, regardless of their mother tongue.

Here’s who’ll be at the helm, where and when:

Language When Where Who + What
EN January 11, 18:00 CET (09:00am PST) "I shall be answering questions and playing "I Spy" with the community to win CBT keys." - CM Kaeden™
FR January 12, 13:00 CET (04:00am PST) "We start 2019 with some blast and some suprises gifts from your CM Ishtrall. Seems that he has some good resolutions to share with you!"
DE January 14, 18:30 CET (09:30am PST)

We'll kick off 2019 with some Trivia Questions where you can win Explorer's Packs as well as CBT Codes. We'll also have a look at some of the Winter Banner contest submissions and a Q&A where you can ask questions! - CM Chibs