Brave the Elements with the Dark Solstice Collector’s Pack!


Battle through the cold and dark with the Dark Solstice Collector’s Pack! Introduced as part of our Black Friday Bonanza, this bundle is loaded with everything you need to survive your battles this winter, including brand-new Hero Attire, Horse Attire, a 90-day Premium Account, 10 siege weapons, Unit Training Plans, and mounds of Silver.

The Winter Knight Hero Attire is a legendary garb that belonged to a warrior who battled the elements and successfully bent them to their will. Crafted from toughened hides and furs, it also features a steel bascinet in the shape of a roaring, demonic bear. The Tuisku Horse Attire is named for a swirling, blinding snowstorm that can disorientate the unwary and lead them to an early, frozen grave…

Dark Solstice Collector’s Pack

  • Winter Knight Hero Attire
  • 90-Day Premium Account
  • 80,000 Silver
  • Tuisku Horse Attire
  • 5x Optimal Hwacha Arrow Launchers
  • 5x Optimal Ballistae
  • 5x Unit Training Plans

IMPORTANT: Attire for Heroes, Horses and Units in Conqueror’s Blade is purely cosmetic, and does not grant additional bonuses or advantages during gameplay. It just looks really, really cool.

The Dark Solstice Collector’s Pack is available to buy today! The Winter Knight Hero Attire is also available to buy separately in-game and from MY.GAMES Market.