Up to 40% off Collector’s Packs and Glory Bundles


The Immortal Warlord and Desert Master Collector’s Packs are among the most popular bundles available via MY.GAMES Market. To ensure that legacy continues, we are offering a massive discount on both, lasting until midnight on November 17.

Combining the Immortal Hero and Rubicante Horse Attires, the Immortal Warlord is completed by 30 days of Premium Account time and 25,000 Silver and has been reduced by 30%. The Desert Master pack, also with 30 days of Premium Account time and 25,000 Silver, boasts the enigmatic Desert Raider Hero Attire and comes with a 42% discount.

If that’s not enough, we’ve introduced King’s Edict bundles with discounts of up to 40% on single items, so you can load your Heroes with Glory before Season V comes to an end.

Immortal Warlord Collector Pack

1x Immortal Hero Attire

1x Rubicante Horse Attire

1x 30-day Premium Account

25,000x Silver

30% discount

Desert Master Collector Pack

1x Desert Raider Hero Attire

1x 30-day Premium Account

25,000x Silver

42% discount


100x King's Edict (500,000 Glory)

40% discount


50x King's Edict (250,000 Glory)

30% discount


25x King's Edict (125,000 Glory)

20% discount


10x King's Edict (50,000 Glory)

15% discount


5x King's Edict (25,000 Glory)

10% discount

Remember that these reductions are only available via MY.GAMES Market and will end at midnight on November 17, so don’t hold out for too long!