Update 17/11/202: Removed an incorrect line saying that Imperial Restorationist players needed to be a certain rank to protect regional capitals. Players can rally to the defence of their capital regardless of rank.


04/11/2020: Stage 4 of Season V’s Territory Wars Campaign, titled “A Storm from the Sea”, runs from November 13 until November 22. During this time not only will fiefs throughout Ungverija and Liangyun be ripe for conquest, but so will their regional capitals! From November 23, when Stage 5 begins (“The Honour of Thieves”), the regional capital of Anadolou, Reginopolis, will replace them as the ultimate prize!

However, one does not simply walk into a regional capital and expect the streets to be lined with grateful citizens. As with all fiefs, houses and alliances are bound to a hierarchical code that limits suitors to the most deserving. Specifically, the more Influence an Alliance has, the greater the ability it has to compete for the biggest fiefs.

However, unlike previous seasons, it now matters from where Influence is gained. In order to challenge for the Ungverijan capital, for instance, an alliance must have the required amount of Regional Influence... Influence from occupying fiefs in Ungverija!


Declaring war on Daicheng or Turul Város (November 13 - 22):

  • To be eligible to declare war on Daicheng or Turul Város, an alliance must have 3,000 Influence in that region. For example, to declare war on Daicheng, an alliance must have at least 3,000 Regional Influence gained from Liangyun.
  • Only the main House in an alliance can declare war on a regional capital.
  • Once war is declared against a regional capital, the same house cannot declare war on another capital until the status of the first is concluded.
  • Capital city battles are limited to 1v1 (the declaring alliance vs. the defending alliance or Legion).
    • Only those in the same alliance as the declaring house can take part in the battle to wrest away control of the city.
  • Legions can only participate in the defence of a capital if it is under the control of the legion of that region. Subsequently, if the city is lost, legions cannot then declare war on a capital city.
    • Unit kits are not consumed for Imperial Restorationists when defending a regional capital.
    • Once lost, Imperial Restorationists are not able to reclaim regional capitals.
  • After Stage 4 of the campaign, from November 23, it will not be possible to declare war on Daicheng or Turul Város.


Declaring war on Reginopolis (November 23 - December 6):

  • Dates aside, the same rules apply (as above) for the capital of Anadolou (Reginopolis) as for those of Ungverija and Liangyun. However, by occupying Daicheng or Turul Város at the end of Stage 4, an alliance will have 3,000 Regional Influence in Anadolou and therefore will be eligible to declare war on Reginopolis for the duration of Stage 5.
    • If an alliance has been unsuccessful in claiming a capital, it will need to occupy enough fiefs across Anadolou to amass a Regional Influence of 3,000 or more. Only then will it be eligible to declare war on Reginopolis.


The order of contention:

  • If more than one alliance declares war on a regional capital, the order of battle is decided according to which alliance has the most Regional Influence. If two alliances have equal Influence, the one that declared war first will take precedence.
  • Once battle begins, the order of battle cannot be changed, even if the balance of power (regional influence) changes during its course.
  • If an alliance fails to occupy a capital city it will be put at the back of the line for the subsequent order of attack.


Post-battle responsibilities and rewards:

  • A regional capital city is considered a Safe Zone, regardless of whether or not it has been conquered:
    • Players can set up regional capitals as camps and can freely enter and exit.
    • An occupying house cannot adjust permissions in order to deny access to the city for other players.
    • Regional capitals will not be degraded when assaulted.
  • Daicheng and Turul Város will reward their occupying alliances 3,000 Regional Influence for Aanadolou, to aid its eligibility to declare war on Reginopolis.
  • The leader of a ruling house that occupies a regional capital will become eligible for the title of Monarch when the season ends.
    • The alliance must have an Influence of 5,000 in that region.
  • The leader of a ruling house that occupies Reginopolis will become eligible for the title of Monarch or Hegemon when the season ends.
    • The alliance must have a total Influence of 8,000 (less any Influence earned from regional capitals)
  • A proportion of a regional capital’s income from crafting, repairing and purchasing items will be shared among the players of the alliance that controls the city. This will be paid as a dividend.


We’ll take a detailed look at the end-of-season rewards, including titles, attires and reward chests as we near the conclusion of the Season V Campaign. Until then, good luck on the battlefield!