30% off select attires, banners, skins and consumables!


A changing of the season often invites us to fling open our wardrobes and consider rearranging what’s inside. Thankfully, with a massive 30% discount available on an extensive range of cosmetic and consumable items, that prospect is made much easier.

From iconic Unit and Hero Attires to intricate weapon skins and banners (with a wide selection of consumable items added for good measure), you have until 23:00 on November 3 to enjoy one of the largest and most extensive price reductions all year!.

The full list of the reduced items is below. Check them out right now in-game or at the MY.GAMES Market!



Honour Guard's Ceremonial Shortsword & Shield

Crescent Blood Moon Blade Glaive

Knight-Banneret's Heraldry Longsword & Shield

King's Justice Poleaxe

Snow Leopard Spear

Thousand Souls Nodachi

Brass Dragon Firelock Musket

Sanguine Scorpion Bow

Amethystine Shortbow

Fiery Wrath Dual Blades

Fort Lothar Banner

Radiant Sun Banner

Holy Mountain Banner

Chivalry Undivided Banner

Winged Hussars' Banner

Great Lion Banner

Twinned Trident Banner

Golden Sun Mercenary


Eagle Guard








Royal Dragon

Empyrean Order

Solar Order


Aswaran Hero Attire

Runic Knight Hero Attire

Varangian Hero Attire

Windblown Horse Attire

Overlord Hero Attire

Immortal Hero Attire

Eastern Outrider Unit Attire

Vault Key

10-Battle Hero XP Card

10-Battle Unit XP Card

Expansion Permit

Unit Training Plan

Cross-region Migration Token

Martial Arts Manuscript

Personal History

Horse Trough

New Identity Document

Scribal Service

Personal Storage Expansion

Green Hair Dye (Permanent)

Golden Hair Dye (Permanent)

Pink Hair Dye (Permanent)

Blue Hair Dye (Permanent)

Red Hair Dye (Permanent)

Purple Hair Dye (Permanent)

Silver Hair Dye (Permanent)