Season V: Symmachean Unit Promotions


Season V: Legacy of Fire introduces a new way to breathe life and vigour into your older units: Unit Promotions! By completing new Unit Promotions throughout Season V, you can promote two of your existing units to the esteemed ranks of the Symmachean Brotherhood, the military order that fights beneath the banner of the Kingdom of Empyros.

Unit Promotions will transform your existing unit into a new variant, wielding the same weapon and remaining at the same level, but armed with new skills and a different veterancy. There are currently two units which can be promoted: Spear Sergeants can be promoted to Symmachean Stalwarts, and Men-at-Arms can be promoted to Symmachean Paladins.

  • 4-Star Symmachean Stalwarts (Unit Challenges Available Now): The Brotherhood’s spear infantry, drawn from the veteran ranks of Spear Sergeants. Stalwarts pride themselves on rising to any hardship, and are even more dangerous on the offence than as shield wall or blocking troops.
  • 4.5-Star Symmachean Paladins (Unit Challenges Available Now): Knights from the myriad western orders of chivalry who answered the call of Empyros, promoted from the ranks of Men-at-Arms. A prideful and experienced force, Paladins represent the very flower of piety and chivalry, healing their brothers and allies on the field of battle.

To access the Symmachean Unit Challenges, you must have reached Stage 3 of the Zykalian Militia Unit Challenges. If you don’t already count the Spear Sergeants and Men-at-Arms among your ranks, Stage 1 of each set of Symmachean Unit Challenges will reward you with permanent versions of these units.

When you have unlocked Stage 3 of the Symmachean Unit Challenges, head over to the Barracks, select the relevant unit (Spear Sergeants or Men-at-Arms), then select ‘Promote Unit’. A pop-up will appear and ask you to ‘AGREE’. If you create a new set of Spear Sergeants or Men-at-Arms with Unit Kits and have already unlocked their promotions, you can promote them right away through the Barracks.

When you promote your units, they will each have a different Veterancy Tree, and different formations and unit orders. Career details, Doctrines, levels, experience, and Veterancy Points will also carry over. However, you cannot revert them back to Spear Sergeants or Men-at-Arms, and you are unable to bring Symmachean units into the same Warband as their older counterparts.

Symmachean Paladins and Symmachean Stalwarts are now available to unlock via Unit Challenges throughout Season V: Legacy of Fire!