Territory War comes to Anadolou!


Stage 2 of the Season V: Legacy of Fire Campaign has begun! You can now travel across Anadolou, the brand-new region coveted by the Symmachean Brotherhood and the Kingdom of Empyros. During this initial expedition into the lands of Anadolou, all fiefs across Ungverija, Liangyun and the Borderlands will be in Drill Mode.

Contrary to previous reports, not all fiefs in Anadolou will be in Drill Mode during this campaign stage. Highlighted by a special marker on the in-game map, the following fiefs  can be captured and retained as part of Territory Wars:

  • Scythias (City)
  • Altina (City)
  • Silonia (City)
  • Rubusta (City)
  • Catassu (Village)
  • Abrittus (City)
  • Anagoncli (City)

Access to Anadolou is possible from Daicheng (Liangyun) to Segnia, and from Turul Váro (Ungverija) to Imre Kastély.

There are no Imperial Restorationists in Anadolou. Players in the Ungverija Legion or the Daicheng Legion may participate in attacks against Anadolou’s fiefs during this drill, but not aid in their defence. If they succeed in occupying a fief, it will become part of the Kingdom of Empyros.