Player tournament: Last Warlord Standing League


One of the most active streamers for Conqueror’s Blade, Zimster, is gathering heroes to take part in an exciting new competition!

Starting October 16 and continuing every Friday for the duration of Season V, the Last Warlord Standing League will be a series of 1v1 single elimination Deathmatch tournaments. Winners can earn the right to advance through five tiers of competition by registering three wins in a row.

The competition will be played on the Conqueror’s Blade Tournament Server, for which interested players will be required to have a MY.GAMES account. If you want to take part check out the rules and sign up via this Discord channel.

Weekly Prizes:

1st Place

  • 1,100 Sovereigns
  • 30-days Premium Account time

2nd Place

  • 525 Sovereigns
  • 30-days Premium Account time

3rd Place

  • 525 Sovereigns
  • 7-days Premium Account time

If you want to observe rather than take part, Zimster won’t be the only broadcasting option. Coffee Fuelled Gaming, Bumphy and Mouflon will be offering their own take on the unfolding action. You can join them, either as a viewer or competitor, from this Friday!