Community Art Contest: Burning Creativity


A new season dawns with a fiery welcome, and with it, new units to lead into battle and claim victories! The Kingdom of Empyros equipped its own soldiers and the Symmachean Brotherhood with throwable incendiary grenades and powerful flamethrowers to set the entire battlefield ablaze. Throughout Season V, you’ll unlock the might of these weapons as you command the Zykalian Militia, Siphonarioi, plus the promoted Symmachean Stalwarts and Symmachean Paladins.

Between now and November 6, we would like to invite you to express your burning artistic talents by creating an artistic masterpiece based on these new units! It can be digital art, a painting, or a drawing. If you need inspiration, read up on these new units in the Season V: Legacy of Fire release news, or check out the Season V lore.


  • 1st Place: Battle Pass + Battle Pass Bundle (100K Glory)
  • 2nd Place: 1,100 Sovereigns
  • 3rd Place: 30-day Premium Account

Community Art Contest Rules

  • Entries must be entirely original and submitted as images, either as digital art or a digital photograph of your entry. Photographs should feature your own legible character name and corresponding server written on a piece of paper.
  • No screenshots are allowed, modified or otherwise.
  • Entries should feature any or all of the following units: Zykalian Militia, Siphonarioi, Symmachean Stalwarts, Symmachean Paladins.
  • Only entries submitted before November 6, 2020 at 23:59 CET will be accepted.
  • Entries can be submitted in the Burning Creativity contest Discord channel. We reserve the right to ask for further evidence to prove that your entry was created by you.
  • Please include your character name and server alongside your submission.
  • Entries must not contain any material that violates the MY.GAMES Terms of Service.
  • Any and all players are subject to disqualification at any point before, during, and after this competition for violating the Terms of Service or any of the contest rules.
  • The best entries will be determined by Moderators and Community Staff, and the winners will be announced in the Discord channel once the contest has ended.
  • Your entry cannot feature any copyrighted or third-party material. Only entries featuring original content, or content inspired by Conqueror’s Blade will be considered.
  • You agree that your entry can be used by and MY.GAMES for promotional purposes (for example, for publication on our official social channels or websites).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to private message our contest administrator and Moderator Kira (@LegendaryKira#1468) via the Conqueror’s Blade Discord channel!