Unlock 11 Gleaming Weapon Skins in Season V!


Exploring the realm of Anadolou in Season V: Legacy of Fire will give warlords treasure troves of rewards, including magnificent Hero Attire and new Emotes. But did you know you can also collect Hero Tokens from the Battle Pass? This special currency can be exchanged in the Seasonal Store for 11 epic new weapon skins to make an arsenal fit for the Symmachean Brotherhood!

  • Paramerion Shortsword & Shield: Empyros as a culture is slow to change and assumes whatever came from Empyros is superior to anything from other lands. The paramerion is a rare example of a sword style that was adopted from the Steppe tribes following a string of defeats by those same horsemen. The shield bears the royal lion crest of the Kainurgean dynasty, a consciously ancient design intended to hark back to the glory days of antiquity.
  • Rhomphaia Glaive: The rhomphaia is an ancient weapon brought back into fashion by foreign mercenaries employed during the recent civil war. This one is finished in the imperial colours beloved of Empyrean generals.
  • Spathion Longsword & Shield: The spathion is double-edged longsword used by infantry and cavalry alike in the king's armies. The sword and shield both are decorated with wings, either the angelic wings commonly found in Empyrean art, or the eagle wings making an oblique reference to the kingdom's origins as the eastern part of the Aquiline Empire.



  • Varangian Poleaxe: The Varangians are an elite unit of axe-toting northmen, mainly outcasts and exiles whose fates have brought them to Reginopolis. They have saved the life the king on numerous occasions, and in battles against the Sicanians and during the first war against Ungverija their ferocity proved the key to victory.
  • Menaulion Spear: Empyrean troops whether they are cavalrymen or infantry are trained first and foremost in the use of the spear. This spear is a winged ceremonial piece intended for use from horseback, but perfectly suitable for fighting on foot as well.
  • Duocheria Nodachi: Being a major trade hub, possibly the greatest in the world, weapons from the eastern lands are not unknown in Reginopolis. The nodachi is commonly called a 'duocheria' meaning 'two-handed' and held in some esteem by elite soldiers and the nobility of the court alike.



  • Falcon Musket: Firearms are rare in Empyros due to the expense and lack of the necessary expertise. When the kingdom is rich, the king can hire mercenary arquebusiers, and when the kingdom is poor the use of hellfire becomes much more common. Muskets such as this are collector's items, intended possibly for one's personal honour guard or for showing off to visitors.
  • Akolouthos' Bow: The rank of 'akolouth' is that of a junior officer in the vigla regiment of palace guards. Accordingly, these officers are expecting to maintain a high degree of personal presentation, a habit the soldiers continue even when in battle.
  • Toxon Shortbow: In Empyrean history the army gradually changed from a predominantly infantry-based force into a cavalry-based one over a few centuries. This was driven by the expansion of the kingdom into the plains of Anadolou and on occasion into Ungverija, where most of their foes fought from horseback. The 'toxonae' were horse archers recruited from these territories by the Empyreans, who brought their quick-firing composite shortbows with them.



  • Augustus's Daggers: The overthrow of King Andronikos by the House of Kainurgos has made everyone nervous. King John is not one to suffer fools nor enemies lightly, so the dagger-maker's art is one in high demand in the city of Reginopolis.
  • Symmachean Maul: The maul is a rare weapon in Empyros, this particular design is made in the image of a gift presented to King John by Sir Richard Lackland, grandmaster of the Order of the Green Chapel on the same day the Symmachean Brotherhood pledged their service in the case of the king.


These weapon skins won’t give you a gameplay advantage, but you’ll be the envy of the battlefield nonetheless. You can also earn Chalices through the Battle Pass, which can be used to unlock antique versions of classic cosmetics not seen since Season I. Get the Season V Battle Pass from MY.GAMES Market or Steam today to start earning Hero Tokens!