Season V: Campaign dates and changes! (UPDATED)


Update 02/11/20: Correction made to "what's accessible" during stage 5 of the Campaign. 


With the region of Anadolou up for grabs for the first time, the Season V: Legacy of Fire Campaign is bringing some exciting changes to the battlefield!.

  • Fiefs across Ungverija and Liangyun are available to conquer throughout the season, while the Borderlands are accessible from October 14.
  • Later in the campaign, rather than laying siege to the Conqueror’s City, Houses and Alliances will be fighting to capture the regional capitals Turul Varos (Unverija) and Daicheng (Liangyun), before moving on to take the ultimate prize, Reginopolis!  




What’s accessible:

1. Opening Moves

October 13 - October 19

The Free Houses and the Legions struggle for regional supremacy, while travellers from Empyros announce that a new king, John I Kainurgos, has taken power with a promise to reclaim Anadolou for his kingdom.

  • Attack fiefs in Ungverija and Liangyun.
  • Borderlands open for travel from October 14.


2. Empyros Calls for Aid

October 20 - November 3

Messages fly from great Reginopolis: Knights and warriors are invited to join the Symmachean Brotherhood, the allied army of foreign troops who will reclaim Anadolou in the name of King John.

  • Attack fiefs in Ungverija and Liangyun and the Borderlands
  • NEW: Anadolou open for travel!
  • NEW: All fiefs in Anadolou will be in Drill Mode!


3. Kingdom in Chaos

November 4 - November 12

The 'reunification' brings little wealth but much chaos as Symmachean nobles and Empyrean generals squabble over the spoils. Some remain loyal to the king, others decide to carve out new kingdoms for themselves.

  • Attack fiefs in Ungverija and Liangyun and the Borderlands.
  • NEW: Attack fiefs in Anadolou!

4. A Storm from the Sea

November 13 - November 22

The war spreads into all lands as some of the Symmachean nobles return home, determined to make themselves lord over all lands.

  • Attack fiefs in Ungverija, Liangyun and the Borderlands. (Anadolou fiefs cannot be attacked or conquered until Stage 5.)
  • NEW: Attack the capitals of Unverija and Liangyun!

5. The Honour of Thieves

November 23 - December 6

Empyros becomes a battlefield, as the Symmachean wolves King John invited to do his bidding turn on him, attacking Reginopolis and the throne itself!

  • Attack fiefs in Ungverija and Liangyun, the Borderlands and Anadolou.
  • The capitals of Ungverija and Liangyun cannot be attacked.
  • NEW: Attack the capital of Anadolou, Reginopolis!

We’ll have more details to bring you on Season V: Legacy of Fire in the days and weeks ahead. Stay tuned!