Conqueror’s Academy Writing Contest: winners!


Last month we invited you to enter our Conqueror’s Academy Writing Contest, intended to champion the selfless scribes whose words guide those seeking knowledge.

We received some incredible entries that ranged from general tips for beginners to in-depth class guides. We’ll be showcasing the best of them soon, but, for now, check out the winning [English/French/German/Spanish/Turkish] entries in all their glory!


1st place: Treefr0g (NA)

Prize: 6,000 Sovereigns and "War Scholar" title
Entry: Shortbow Class Guide


2nd place: WYRDEN (EU2)

3,400 Sovereigns and "Combat Instructor" title

Entry: Spear Class Guide


3rd place: Steraza (NA)

2,300 Sovereigns and "Skillful Strategist" title

Entry: Top 10 Strategy Tips for Beginners