Raid the Warlord Attire Chest before September 28!


As warlords conquer more and more lands, their coffers quickly become overwhelmed as the spoils of war accumulate. Help out an overburdened warlord and take a share of their hoarded treasure with the Warlord Attire Chest, a new item that guarantees you a random piece of amazing Hero Attire or Unit Attire, a weapon skin, or a Banner. There’s a chance you’ll also receive a second item, so keep your fingers crossed!

Available for a limited time only, the Warlord Attire Chest features over 90 items, including a selection of never-before-released items. Try your luck for a piece of Black Rose Hero Attire, Silver Dragon Unit Attire, the World-Breaker Maul, the Starlight Maul, and so much more! You can take a look at our drop rates for a full list of potential items and their probabilities before you buy.

Warlord Attire Chests are available in-game for 150 Sovereigns. Press ‘C’ to access the Store, and check out the offer tab to get your own Warlord Attire Chest before they leave on September 27 at 23:59 (server time)!

IMPORTANT: The Warlord Attire Chest is not available for purchase in the Netherlands and Belgium. The contents of the Warlord Attire Chest are purely cosmetic and grant no competitive advantage.