Season IV: Campaign Rewards (update)


Update 25/09/2020: There is a period of maintenance planned for September 29 (TBC). During this time we will begin distributing rewards for Season IV's Campaign and to winners of the Conqueror's City - as detailed below and in this article.


September 28 marks the start of the final phase of Season IV’s campaign, Imperial Dawn. It’s when full-scale hostilities wind down, the performances of houses and alliances are judged, and the rewards for the season’s most successful conquerors start to be handed out.

New to Season IV are Triumphs, a form of currency given out according to how many fiefs a house or alliance controls after the final Territory Wars of the season has concluded (on September 26). For those fighting as part of the Imperial Restorationists, Triumphs will be rewarded based on each liberated fief (excluding those within safe areas around regional capitals).

Triumphs will be issued in the following amounts, per fief, based on their level:


Fief level 1-5

Fief level 6-15










You can exchange your Triumphs for items such as Treatises, Powdered Silver, Rare Equipment Schematics, Hero XP Cards, and Unit XP Cards, from the end of scheduled maintenance on September 28 up until the start of Season V.

Imperial Dawn officially ends on October 5, along with Season IV: Blood of the Empire. On this date, Glory will no longer be issued as a reward for matchmaking battles, alliance quests, Free Battles, Conquest, or by levelling up. However, you will still be able to earn Glory from Weekly Challenges, Ozan’s Tales, and Battle Plans. Additionally, you can still increase your Nobility tier, earn Hero Tokens and exchange them in the Seasonal Store until the new season begins.

Note: For the duration of Imperial Dawn and until the start of Season V, Territory Wars will remain in Drill Mode. A new campaign schedule will be revealed in due course. In the meantime, please check out the Events Schedule.