100 years before warlords came to this land, a once-mighty kingdom brought fire and war upon it in search of golden treasures and faded glory. Rage through the flames of history when Season V: Legacy of Fire comes to Conqueror’s Blade as a free update!

Set in the distant past, Season V follows a campaign by the Kingdom of Empyros and their makeshift militia, the Symmachean Brotherhood, as they march across the land of Anadolou. Located south of Ungverija and home to many port towns, it’s the first new region to be introduced since the launch of Conqueror’s Blade. Here, players will be able to retrace the steps of a reckless campaign that sparked the rise of the Anadolou Empire!

The Symmachean Brotherhood wields weapons powered by hellfire, an incendiary liquid developed by alchemists in the Kingdom of Empyros. Command soldiers outfitted with flamethrowers and handheld explosive projectiles, and unleash the power of these devastating weapons when you unlock two new seasonal units via Seasonal Challenges!

Launching alongside Season V, the new Battle Pass will be loaded with over 100 levels of rewards, including season-exclusive cosmetics and attire and other valuable items. You can also earn seasonal currency throughout Season V and exchange it for special rewards, including 11 weapon skins inspired by the chivalric aesthetics of the Kingdom of Empyros and the Symmachean Brotherhood.

Season V: Legacy of Fire is coming soon to Conqueror’s Blade. For more news about Season V and other exciting future content, set a watch on the official website and subscribe to the newsletter. You can also follow us on Twitch, FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Discord!