Territory Wars will be running in Drill Mode on September 15


To give players more time to hone their tactics as we move into the next stage of Season IV’s campaign, the Territory War event scheduled for September 15 will be conducted in Drill Mode across all servers. This means that while all fiefs can be targeted and fought over, ownership will not change as a result of their capture.

The magnificent Conqueror's City will remain in NPC hands until September 19, when more players will be eligible to contest it after getting some practice in.

Please prepare your strategies accordingly!

From the events page:


What is “Drill Mode”?

At rare times when there are unresolved issues that could hinder fair gameplay, events - Territory Wars specifically - can be put into what we call “Drill Mode”. Effectively it’s a kind of training mode, which retains all the functionality of the event, with none of the consequences. So, you can still attack and defend settlements in epic battles, but any change in ownership or status will revert back to how it was before the event started.

The basic rules of Territory Wars are not changed by Drill mode: the foraging costs when marching in the open world are the same, you’ll still need to attack and choose a side to start an engagement, you only have one life and the outcomes follow the same rules - only minus any long-term effects.

Note that we may also use Drill Mode at times of the year when a low player population may not ensure the best experience - such as when Territory Wars clashes directly with a public holiday, or when access to services for a significant part of the player population is limited.

Whatever the circumstances, we always aim to inform players ahead of time when Drill Mode is to be enabled. Always check our Discord and other social channels for up-to-date server and event status news.